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Hello, Fellow Council Members!

As everyone knows, there is a lot of turmoil in the corporate credit union network. And, I don’t believe anyone knows for sure how things will turn out. In fact, some natural person credit unions have begun to analyze all the products and services that corporate credit unions provide.

Georgia Central Credit Union has requested that the Georgia CFO Council undertake a project for which we may be in the best position to produce an unbiased work-product. And, your hardworking Executive Committee has agreed to form a task force in an effort to accomplish this… that is, IF you all are willing to “pitch in.”

The purpose of this task force is to take each of the products and services that Georgia Central Credit Union provides and identify alternatives to each, alternative providers, and assess the cost of such alternatives versus Georgia Central.

We feel that the most effective way to accomplish this is to create three separate committees. Each committee would analyze and compare a different set of products and services.

The first committee, chaired by Amie Mize, will be assigned ALM and Liquidity services (including loans). The second committee, chaired by Beverly Knutsen, will take a look at the investment side. And, the third committee, chaired by Candy Bracewell, will be assigned to “correspondent services.”

With your help, we feel like we can produce an unbiased, accurate analysis for Georgia Central. In pursuit of that goal, I would encourage you to volunteer for a least one of the committees (yes, you may serve on more than one). To volunteer, please send an email to the Chair of the committee you would like to serve on:

Amie Mize – ALM and Liquidity Services:
Beverly Knutsen – Investments:
Candy Bracewell – Correspondent Services:

Additionally, we will be posting a sample spreadsheet to the CFO Council website at under the section titled, “Corporate CU Task Force” to aid the committees. However, each committee may edit the spreadsheet to best fit the committee’s needs. Click here for the sample spreadsheet.

Thank you in advance for you guidance and assistance… and please let us know if you have any questions.


Kevin Durrance


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